“What Dreams are made of….”







I set up Holly Blue Designs in 2012 to design and make beautiful children’s furniture.

It all started when my children needed full size beds. All the furniture was designed to look good for adults “where’s the fun in that?” I wanted beds that appealed to children and did other things including having a nightlight. So I embarked on designing different beds and giving the children various prototypes to try. It was great fun, the children got new pieces of furniture every so often and I got feedback on what they liked and did not like.

The most memorable comment came from my daughter Poppy when I presented her with the fairy bed. “Dad, how do the fairies get from the kitchen to the bedroom?” So I hastily painted in a staircase!!!

The ranges slowly developed with input from the children.

The business has grown to develop a range of furniture but still sticking the core principle that the furniture is for the children.

Each piece is handcrafted by myself in the workshop and all are finished with Farrow and Ball paints. Each item is checked for quality before delivery.

The furniture is designed to be dismantled as necessary and the

 beds take a standard size single mattress