This year sees a turning point in Holly Blue with more of a focus on the small stuff. Before it was all about the beds but now we have been busy developing new ideas and refreshing older ones.


The new nighlights "by Candle Light" are travelling nightlights in books, we are looking to expand this into trains and perhaps ships, allowing children who go visiting to have their own lights which ae easy to carry.



We have expanded our ever popular Sheep cushions with a range of fabrics from tartan to small roses, these are amazing and we keep being surprised how they draw people.


We are also focussing on bespoke products and now have a a new feature gallery so please do have a look if you cannot quite find what you are looking for. Don't worry it is not always about the big rooms, we delight in any challenge no matter how small, from childrens chairs right the way up to full rooms we can always help.


That said we really did have fun with the dragon room last year. Have a look in the gallery